The Top Issues Associated With Semen Thickness Problem

Male infertility is an issue for most men today. It is stated that there are ones complaining about this issue, especially those couples who are finding it hard to produce a baby.

Obviously, with infertility, you will face a lot of issue not only relating to conception, but also in terms of maintaining the integrity of your marital relationship.

It is completely devastating and no doubt, there are times that even the most impossible solution is what you are finding for.

Fortunately, there are dozens of solutions available for your male infertility issue.

The solutions commonly cover hormonal disorders, infections, trauma to reproductive organs, as well as even STD. Plus, do you know that your semen quality also plays an important role in your fertility.

There are different issues that can explain the semen thickness and viscosity in men.

To give you few, here are the top ones:

  • Body Hydration

drinking waterPoor hydration of the body may be the reason why your semen is too thick. By drinking enough water, you will find it easier to refill your body and this will also cleanse your system in a simple and natural way.

In other words, you should drink sufficient amount of water in order to promote the regulation of your semen thickness.

But be reminded that your hydration therapy will not include drinking beer, juices, as well as soda among others. If you want a healthier semen, you must drink water and having 8 glasses every day is a must and best advice.

  • Diet Problem

You need to be reminded that your semen health also depends on your proper diet. If you have problems in semen viscosity, you definitely have related problems with your diet.

In that case, if you want a good solution, you can settle with adding amino acids in your system, such as L-carnitine, L-arginine, and L-lysine among others.

The said amino acids help in improving the quality of your semen thickness. You need to include foods like oatmeal, granola, meat, and spinach in your diet among others.

  • Lycopene Problems

You need to keep on getting enough lycopene for your system in order to help your semen achieve a consistent viscosity. In order to get enough of the nutrient, you must eat carrots, tomatoes, as well as watermelon among others.

The said foods help in providing you enough lycopene and in giving you long term improvement in semen quality.

  • Bad Habit of Ejaculation

You need to prevent having frequent masturbation and ejaculation, especially if there is a short span of time in between the practice.

It is also a common factor affecting the thickness and viscosity of your semen. This is for your health reason and not for the deprivation of your orgasm need.

The above issues are obviously greatly related to semen issues.

If you will allow the facts sink in, you will definitely realize that you may be committing the deadly mistakes in your lifestyle. Change in no time is a better solution than to regret in the end.